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What does your character look like?

Because icons aren't always the most accurate, tonight's not!meme asks you to describe your character's physical appearance. Height, weight, eye and hair color, build, distinguishing marks, etc. And if they've had any physical changes since arriving in the City (i.e., new robo-arm, sporting a rad eyepatch, suddenly becoming a human) you can share that as well!
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ali's kids will go here
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Bobbi is 5'9" tall and weighs 135lbs, according to Marvel. I'm not sure I agree with that assessment of her weight, honestly I think she probably weighs more than that considering how muscular she is. She's described as having done gymnastics in her high school and college days, and while she's certainly tall for a gymnast, she has the upper body strength of one to be sure. And the girl has fabulous legs, let's face it. You don't run around in this for years unless you have the legs for it.

Bobbi's eyes are blue and her hair is blonde. Because she was a brunette in her very earliest appearance, I like to say that she is not a natural blonde. It's just more fun that way. Naturally, her hairs is sort of dishwater colored.

Bobbi is attractive, but she's not what you would consider a "knock-out". She has a face that while pretty, could easily be forgettable. This actually comes in handy in her espionage career, and it's a jab at the long-running gag of everyday people in the Marvel world forgetting who she is. Her personality is big and bubbly and that is probably what makes her most attractive.

She has some scars that are of note. Bobbi was shot multiple times by SHIELD agents in a terrible case of friendly fire. Whoops! The incident left her with some delicious bullet wounds and some equally delightful scarring that you actually wouldn't ever notice unless you had a reason to see her naked. Heh.

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is six feet tall and was 175 lbs before the adamantium makeover, which put him at 200 lbs. he's ripped, muscle-wise, but not too bulky since he's all gymnastic and what have you. he generally looks like super fit and strong.

he USED to have blond hair but he presumably shaves it now (unless he mysteriously went bald and no one bothered to mention it). depending on how off the rails he is, he'll have a fair amount of stubble, but he never lets it grow into a raging beard or stach. he has blue eyes, which are often bloodshot, again depending on how mentally unstable he is.

AND HE HAS A BULLSEYE SCAR ON HIS FOREHEAD. it used to be a tattoo but daredevil carved it up. he also has multiple scars on his body from being shot and stabbed and having a meat hook shoved through his chest and like probably most of his teeth are implants.

i forgot to mention he looks like he's in his 30s somewhere but it's hard to tell because of the shaved head :c

and also that he does not have any manly hair on his chest (unless he shaves it like cyclists shave their legs, i can totally see that)
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Lust looks like a woman somewhere in the mid-twenties to early-thirties age range! Surprise. But okay, I've got a shitton of horrible description from the last time we did this so I might as well put it to use.

Her hair's very black and very awkward to describe, because it's not really curly so much as a vaguely wavy mass that also looks pretty straight sometimes, but anyway! There's a whole bunch of wisps and shit, and in earlier chapters she had a cowlick and then Arakawa forgot it existed! She's relatively pale, albeit normal human being white lady pale and not the weird zombie complexion anyone who's seen the first anime will be familiar with, and fairly tall, like 5'8 or 5'9? But she appears to be rather taller than she really is since she's always wearing heels. Her features are pretty typical classically attractive, plus superarched eyebrows and a strong nose, I think? They don't use it in either of her animu designs, but in the manga it is not that small! Her lips are full, moreso on the bottom lip than the top SHUT UP I AM LEGITIMATELY BASING THIS ON CANON and always...... dark red like she's applied lipstick... but I think that might just be how she looks. Anime. That said, I think there should probably be... something slightly unsettling about her when she's being straight up? There's just a little too much to her, which is the consequence of a.) not being human and b.) being a hideous test tube baby's idea of what's sexually attractive. It's something she has to mask with large amounts of fake niceness when she's in a public setting and trying to blend in, but on the Network, she generally doesn't bother. She's also got slightly serrated teeth and slit pupils, which apparently ordinary people don't notice due to the laws of anime logic, and a dark red ouroboros mark just below her collarbones, which in-game she almost always covers up. Her eyes are... god I don't know in official art they're drawn as both purple and red so I just try not to think about it.

The general manner in which she carries herself depends on who she's with, but when she's being "herself" she has two modes! She's a woman who very much knows who she is and what she wants, and isn't worried about other people's perceptions, and that comes across in the way she'll stand; she doesn't have many nervous tics, and she always looks people in the eye. Either she's very dignified and cool, which entails neutral posture and not much of an expression, but a lot of confidence; when she's more comfortable or trying to SHOW SOME SWAGGER which is often, she'll smile and gesture at people, and tuck her hair back, but the general sense of her having confidence remains. THE SECOND MODE IS PREDATOR BONER MODE AND I THINK IT'S SELF-EXPLANATORY. 8[ She always stands with her back straight, though. And she dresses pretty well when she's not wearing her part-of-her-body dress! Just almost always in dark clothes, god Lust get a life.

I've never been able to find a PB for her I really like, because, you know, she's a fucking anime character and why would you even want one, but also because I really don't know of any actress who has hair that stupid and also looks like they would be willing to stab people in the dick! Uh, and I forgot the hourglass figure. She has a small waist and huge hips and nobody noticed it before I wrote it, just now, shame on all of you.
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Bucky is older than he seems in his icons and since he's still growing sort of, but he still doesn't quite look 21, which is his real physical age. At some point he might spontaneously undergo puberty and metamophose!! But not this day. Bucky is canonically propaganda-poster handsome and is supposed to ooze America physically, somehow. He has an expressive face and talks by making a bunch of hand gestures, as much as possible, but he still has that kind of stick-straight military bearing. I TOSS OFFICIAL STATS OUT THE WINDOW BECAUSE ED BRUBAKER SAYS THEY ARE WRONG, and say that in C&C Bucky is about 5'10". He's not the most broadshouldered guy, especially in a City full of superheroic physiques, but he's still very fit, even if he's not bulky. Bucky also has a problem where one of his nipples is perpetually missing.

I think Chris Samnee is the best Bucky artist, especially from the canon point I'm drawing from, which isn't typical.

Natasha is 5'7" and 130 lbs and those stats aren't ridiculous, so we'll roll with them, even if there is no artist consistency whatsoever. I think she should have a dancer's build, which is leaner and less curvy than the standard superhero model, and she moves with a lot of grace. I also assume she has typical Slavic features— a rounder face with high cheekbones and large eyes. Not really much like Scarlett Johansson and her distinctive Scarlett Johansson look!! There's an element of deception about her appearance— her expressions and demeanor don't necessarily speak to what she is or what she thinks, and I don't believe Natasha projects a constant ~ice queen~ aura, nor does she look constantly ready for battle. Natasha is considered attractive even compared to other comic book heroines, she was introduced as one of the ~most beautiful women in the world~ and YEP uh is basically the opposite of the forgettable background character a spy should probably be. WHATEVER. She has a minuscule degree of healing factor which probably means she doesn't have many scars, despite her long career. Physically, late twenties.

Her definitive artist is Gene Colan and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

Loki is in Sif's body so he looks a bit like Sif!! But there is a lot of Loki in there too, which creates an odd dichotomy. To look at him is somewhat unsettling, he has the body of a beautiful woman but his features are sharper and narrower than Sif's wound be. He just looks a bit off. And he doesn't have eyebrows awesome!! Loki is another one who is somewhat exaggerated in his expressions and gestures, and he has a habit of breaking into wild, maniacal grinning when no one is watching. Loki is— I think 6'3" in Sif's body? So extremely tall for a woman, and even though he's slight of stature comparatively with other Asgardian's (including Sif!) he's still… much larger than a human, denser and more impressive.

Olivier Coipel is the best at Sif!Loki and draws him with an appropriate aura of menace.
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I can never find official stats, but the DC wiki puts Kate at 5'10", which I stick with even if that's considered tall for a woman? But I always liked interpreting Kate as a tall woman, and even taller when she's in her boots/cowl. Anyway, I can never tell wtf a good weight is for someone of her size and body type so if someone could help me out that would be awesome, otherwise I have no clue.

She doesn't have a lot of different artist interpretations, so most people know and go by the Kate drawn by J.H. Williams III. She's attractive... obviously. Both men and women will sometimes see her as a bombshell or someone who is quite beautiful. She's 33 in game and I don't know, I suppose people would not guess that, but guess somewhere close. She definitely looks older than 25. Her skin is PALE AS A FUCKING SHEET because of her terrible night life, but given in game she actually has to work!! She must look a bit... alive. Her physical appearance/skin tone is drawn from Gwen Stefani, Deborah Ann Woll and I think Evan Rachel Wood. ANYWAY... she's got red hair with terrible blond highlights, her eyebrows are drawn kind of thick when in detail. She also tends to wear red nail polish to go along with her... red, black, and white scheme.

Broad shoulders and it's clear she keeps in shape. Her back (NSFW...) is powerful looking and her arms are toned and such. Her legs are also nicely toned, but she's still got that idk... ~attractiveness~ to her because COMICS. I think she definitely appears as a physically strong woman, but maybe it's a turn on... for people!!

She's also got those tattoos as you can see. The Special Forces on her arm, then the nautical star on her back. As for things like make-up, she applies dark make-up often. So she often has dark eye shadow and in contrast, red lipstick. But hey, it works for her. She also has a scar on her chest.

I cannot... think of anything else. THIS GOT LONG.
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8D cris' dudes placeholder
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placeholder doot doot
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Erik looks like... Michael Fassbender, so his icons are pretty much an accurate representation, other than the handful I have from XMFC promotional events in which he's blonde. The only other non-XMFC icons I have of him (other than his... sleeping icon) are from this, which I deemed visually acceptable since his hair, expressions, and the style of clothing he wears match up (and also it is pretty obscure). Also it was filmed in the same location that was used for Charles' mansion in XMFC, AND as the setting of Hex, because apparently that is the only place that Michael Fassbender ever hangs out.

The one main thing that can't be seen in his icons is that I like to think that some white is beginning to sneak into his hair. It's pretty subtle right now, but it will only become more noticeable as time goes on. I imagine that it will be surprisingly quick how fast he will go to the full head of white hair.

He's 6'3" (going off of his comics-official height), with broad shoulders and a narrow waist. He has a fair amount of muscle tone, mainly because he is preoccupied with staying in shape for practical reasons. (I am just going to make it known here that I really hate it when artists portray Magneto as excessively buff, but it seems like every male comic book character is subject to that.)

He has various scars of various ages on his body, though it's pretty rare for any of them to be visible, considering that he is practically always wearing turtlenecks or suits. Only when it's particularly hot out will he consider wearing a polo shirt, which will be the only time that the number tattooed on his arm is visible.

He tends to keep his face clean-shaven, but every once in a while there will be visible stubble.

I imagine that he is going to age pretty well, so it is totally acceptable to me when 616 characters recognize him despite his age.

Also, according to my headcanon, the purple trench coat from X-Men Noir is a part of his wardrobe. Thankfully it is not the one that W'pper ruined via the Skrull battle.


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Hank is seven feet tall from head to toes, but he rarely stands up straight, usually hunching to somewhere around 6'6" or so. He weighs a bit over 600lbs. He has a very top-heavy build with a barrel-chest and large arms, but his legs are long and more slender, while still muscular. He only stands on the pads of his feet, as his back legs look like these. He has a bit of a belly.

He's covered in a thick blue fur, though his main is slightly darker, and usually slicked back to end in little curls at the nape of his neck, and comes around his cheeks like sideburns. The hair on his lips almost resembles a moustache. His eyes are yellow, though he's sometimes still drawn with blue irises. I go back and forth on how I feel about that.

Vic is 6'2", with a slim but athletic build, and weighs somewhere around 225lb? I don't know weights tbh. His most notable wrinkles are his laughlines and his strong dimples. His nose is a little crooked from multiple breaks. He has blue eyes and light red hair.

Kanaya is 5'5" going on 5'6", rather tall for her age. She might be around 130lbs? Her frame has slender qualities, but with wide hips and arms that reflect her hardworking tendencies. While her skin is chalk-white with a bright glow normally, she's more often in a human form in the City. This gives her dark skin with a prominent nose and round cheeks, and while her glow is still present, it varies from a mild shimmer to a bright flickering halo depending on her mood.

Her hair is black and her eyes are jade green, though in trollform they're glowing with yellow sclera and gray pupils that are slowly turning jade as she matures. I'm still not sure whether she has a jade scar on her belly and opposite it on her back, or whether that whole thing would've been dealt with between her being put in human form and having a healing factor. No one would've seen it if she has one, anyway.
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she has to stoop over to lean on terezi for comfort heh
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Canon is ridiculous, so I won't even mention it. She's about 5'4"-5'5", 140lbs or so (I think I said 146, specifically, last time? Idk.). Leggy and hippy. Curvy, but with a bit of muscle in a way that's not quite as visible as, say, Diana or even Dinah. Hair is just under her shoulders, naturally wavy and black, but she'll mix it up and straighten it. She tends to favor lengthy bangs, but might go a little severe sometimes! She changes it up in terms of stage/superheroine costume a lot, but usually sticks to the classic mimic of her father's (I am not a fan of the more revealing versions that were ushered in by Benes, but I don't mind some versions that are more corset-style).

I really like Jesus Saiz (dis icon!), Dustin Nguyen, and Stephane Roux's (also Gray Morrow's, but that's really out-of-date in several aspects :/). I have a healthy appreciation for how Marc Laming draws her, but he's only ever done commissions and fanart (he also draws a really gorgeous Black Widow, imho).

Ryan Sook draws the definitive version for me. I might add more to this because comics, how do they work?
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so what you're saying is Geddoe towers over her

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YUMA looks mostly the same as in his icons, except for SCARS. If you remember and will take a moment to look at this asshole, you'll notice he has some really visible red markings on his face! Yeah, he carved that specific design into Yuma's face before throwing him out a window. They're not super visible, so they don't show up very clearly on the comms, but in person Yuma definitely has that off-kilter open heart on his face.

Way to go, Black Mist.

There's also scarring on the back of one of his hands, but Yuma keeps that covered.

He's about 5'1" and skinny as hell due to being a parkour jackass. His hair really looks just that outlandish in real life.

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holding a place.
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CLINT, according to the most recent official stats I have, is 6'3" and weighs about 230 lbs. I'm not an expert at such things, but I think that's a bit less ridiculous than some official stats, so I roll with it. Body-type wise, he's pretty well-built, with his arms and torso being distinctly muscled, as can be expected given his trade. Basically, he's a really tall guy with really nice arms.

He's traditionally a blonde, though the shade has gotten progressively darker and now I guess it'd be considered more of an ash color. And his eyes are blue. Styling wise his hair's pretty shaggy at the moment, going off how Lopez draws him.

In the world of fabulously attractive superheroes, Clint considers himself to have "boyish good looks and manly charms," but I leave that up to you to decide the truth of. He smirks, a lot. Physical presence is something that's important to him--he likes occupying whatever space he's in pretty definitively, whether that be through a firm stance or sprawling.

He's probably acquired a fair number of scrapes and scars over the years, but nothing particularly noteworthy. He has been drawn kissing his bowstring on more that one occasion (this is apparently some sort of Korean tradition, but may be more universal under different names), so his lower lip may be slightly scarred because of that. But that's just headcanon, really.

In terms of artists, I like the aforementioned David Lopez because of the expressions he draws Clint with. Daniel Acuna is good at that, too. Someday in the future far past his canon point, Clint will get a super cool makeover!!, but that's, like I said, I far-off thing.
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JIM is 6'1" and whatever the average weight for a guy that height would be. He's... fairly athletic, but his build doesn't necessarily reflect that. His hair is dishwater blond and his eyes are blue. He doesn't really have any distinguishing marks you can't see in his icons and tbh the only thing that's really changed since the movie is his hair is probably a little longer.

GWEN is something like 5'6" or 5'7" and p slim. Despite how Bagley and Pichelli draw her, I've never really seen her as having much in the way of curves. She's got enough to her hips that she looks okay in belly shirts, but she's not like. Hourglass figure. She probably has fairly small boobs too because she is seventeen and slim. Anyways. Her hair is a really light blonde and her eyes are blue. Despite the fact that they were originally brown and only became blue after she came back from the dead. No, I don't get it either.

Uh... distinguishing features... not all of her icons show off the fact that she has an eyebrow piercing!! Ta-da!! It's just a plain silver hoop. Other than that, there's not much that's different about her than her icons. She can do this with her face now?? Idk, idk.

CAROL is either 5'9" or 5'10", I can't remember which. Tall, basically, and muscular! She's not like hefty muscular, but she doesn't look like a gymnast, either despite her being incredibly... aerodynamic is not the word I'm looking for. She can do crazy maneuvers in the air super easily and it's been remarked on a few times in canon that no one can move through the air while flying quite like Carol can. She's also not fat, Bendis, but she's a powerhouse and she looks like it.

Her hair is kind of a darker, golden blond. Blue eyes. She's got a strong jawline and prominent cheekbones. Contrary to her icons, most of the time when she's not in costume, her hair is probably up in a ponytail or braid!! And she hangs out either in sweatpants or cargo pants or comfortable jeans a lot. She wishes military chic was actually a thing. UMM... I don't think she's got any real distinguishing marks. The Avengers/people she hangs out with in person and out of costume may have spotted the fact that she's got a scar on her left thigh? She covers it up most of the time, but if she's in the mansion or going out with people she trusts, she probably wouldn't. It's an old scar from when she was in the Air Force.
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some places are held
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This kid still has his troll features. This means he still has gray skin, yellow sceleras, gray irises (that are slowly turning purple), sharp teeth (though not as sharp as some of his counterparts), and candy corn colored horns. The horns have grown a teeny tiny bit from canon, as has Gamzee in general. He may also have some inhuman looking ears, but his messy hair hides it.

Gamzee is pretty tall for his age (he's currently around 5'7" and getting closer to 5'8") and will only be getting taller as time goes by since he's in a growth spurt and will hit 6'0" by the time he's sixteen. He'll hit another growth spurt when he's around eighteen and get ridiculously tall. This not including his horns either, basically Gamzee will be enemies with door ways and low ceilings as he grows.

Some of Gamzee's more noticeable features that aren't in the above now include him having a robotic metal arm on his right side that starts from his mid-bicep, some nasty scars on his face from Nepeta and a few more from other people that's partially covered in heavy clown makeup, a nose that was obviously broken once (Equius did it), a small cut on his left horn (Skrowa), and an overbite. Gamzee has all sorts of scars elsewhere on his body, but that's hard to notice since he wears baggy shirts with his symbol on it and usually black pants that have grey polka-dots all over them. He's also got some purple clownish shoes, but his feet don't really have scars to hide.

The icon I have is probably the best representation of the scars he got from using Nepeta's claws on his face.

Oh, also Gamzee does have some muscle, but it still looks like pretty lean muscle. He used to have just a tiny bit of chubbiness around his stomach, but it's mostly gone now. And as for features that are closer to human features if someone wants to notice it at any time Gamzee's actual facial features are not close to the features of someone of European descent but instead closer to the features of someone of Indian descent.
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god he's such nightmare fuel

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gabbie: betty and veronica. (we'll say goodbye to flesh and blood)


[personal profile] gabbie 2012-03-02 02:10 am (UTC)(link)
Some of this is c/ped from the older one, hehe.

Norman ➨ 5'11", slender but muscular build. He looks like he does in icons for the most part, though since artists can be inconsistent with that, this, this, this, this, this and etc. are closest to the mark. (Think basically: JRJR, JRSR, Ben Oliver, and Chris Samnee's is very good.) I quite like artists like Luke Ross -- but he draws Norman a little too beefy (though JRJR does that too) and Emma Rios -- but she draws him a bit too skinny, etc., but again most of his icons are pretty right on except for Mike Deodato Jr., because Norman doesn't look like Tommy Lee Jones. Most of the muscle is in his legs and arms. He's classically handsome in that way some older guys are; he has thick, angular eyebrows that shadow over his eyes, few wrinkles (mostly on the forehead, around the eyes/lips, etc.), a strong square jaw and a Romanesque nose. He's got a strong jaw but very high, defined cheekbones, dark blue eyes that look green in certain lights, longish lashes and a fairly average mouth that can get surprisingly wide when he grins. Although he tends toward neutral/smug expressions a lot his eyes are very expressive, as are the corners of his mouth. His ears are slightly pointy. He has auburn hair that's styled like this essentially (it's styled in an old-fashioned "wavy" style that curls it back from his face and catches the light. HAIRGEL. Sharp widow's peak action there with a slightly receding hairline, but it's all real and he doesn't dye it), big hands, strong arms/shoulders and slender but muscular legs and his fingers are long and manicured. He has a scar on his chest from being impaled but most artists forget to draw it! He's almost sixty but he looks more like 45-50 due to his healing factor and just being in good shape.

He usually wears suits. Dark greens, blacks, browns, occasionally dark purples... green ties, pink shirts, etc, THINGS THAT FIT HIS COLORSCHEME and occasionally things that are more normal. In private if he's working a lot sometimes he takes to wife beaters and jeans or sweatpants, but that's usually when he is overworked and on private work, not business work. He has good posture and is incredibly flexible and agile. He gesticulates a lot -- talks with his hands, and usually is doing something with his hands most of the time out of habit.

Felicia ➨ She looks like her animated icons, but I use comic icons that are similar in style/appearance since she doesn't have a full range of expressions in her SSM appearances. SSM Felicia has large green eyes and platinum blonde hair that reaches her lower back. She's 5'6" and of petite-but-curvy-build. She's got a youthful look to her and ambiguous enough features that she can generally pass herself off as being anywhere from 18 to 26 (she's 23), but there's a maturity to her features too. Her costume looks the way it does in the picture I linked! So not a lot of cleavage. She doesn't wear a lot of makeup aside from lipstick and mascara. She's very slim and languid, with long legs and small hands and feet, and most of her curve is in her hips. Her arms, legs, and stomach in particular are pretty toned, but overall she's very lean. She's, er, gorgeous, canons always focus on how breathtaking she's supposed to be... she's got naturally thick lashes and a slightly upturned nose, with a small but expressive mouth and round lips.

She doesn't take up much space, her body language and how she carries herself is quiet, smooth, and very compact. Oftentimes her presence is hard to miss unless she's trying to be noticed. She wears dark colors when not in costume, blacks and blues and whites mostly.

The Sentry ➨ Well, Bob himself is kind of dumpy. He's 6 feet even and on the lean/skinny side, but he catches fat on his stomach and waistline and was a bit overweight when he first was introduced, mostly because of his alcoholism and his love of junk food. His hair is usually short as Bob and he's stubbly, but he's still generally good-looking in spite of the whole not taking care of himself thing. He has big, blue eyes with long lashes, a strong and kind of down curved nose and well-defined lips. He's square-jawed with strong cheeks and his face is generally incredibly expressive in the eyes and mouth. He has an imposing presence, and generally looks stern or unhappy. Often, his eyes or his body glows. His hair is silky and soft and always looks clean (at least, as the Sentry) and is basically gorgeous. As the Sentry it reaches his shoulders, and as the Sentry he's 6'4".

Although he's often drawn as... intensely muscled, his body is more like this, big-chested and broad-shouldered with long, fit legs. Overall he's very well proportioned and just generally looks a bit God-like. His cape is long and dark blue, though it often appears black, and it can give off the appearance of a shadow following him when he flies. He tends to stand up straight, but can easily fall into slouching if he's depressed. Mike Deodato Jr. draws a pretty good Bob, as do JRJR and Frank Cho and a lot of artists! He pretty much looks like he does in my icons except for the Short Hair Bob icons, because his hair is long.

Harvey ➨ is 6 feet, with a strong, fit build. Although he was a lawyer before he kept himself in shape and worked out, due to vanity, but since then he is incredibly active and thus has more or less maintained this body type, muscular though lean, and imposing. He's got pouty lips, sleek, arched eyebrows, and a long straight nose. His chin is strong and his eyes are blue, and the Harvey side's default "look" tends toward calm, unhappy, or smug, although it can snap through expressions at the drop of a hat. He has thick, soft, wavy dark brown hair that looks black in most lights, slicked back from his forehead with a curl that falls in his face, not unlike Superman. Since his accident, the hair on the left side of his head has been white and brittle, but he coifs it as best as it will cooperate and doesn't usually let it just explode into unruliness. Artists are majorly inconsistent with this! His arms are probably the most muscular part of his body, and his hands are large; due to the fact his coin is so ingrained to his crimes, his hands are likely a big source of the imposing aura he gives off, and it's rare that at least one isn't visible.

His scarring covers the left side of his face and his left ear, down the left side of neck with mild spattering on his shoulder. It also covers his left hand, slightly past the wrist. The skin looks raw and red, sometimes purple or brown, depending on how healed the specific part of skin is, but touching it it feels leathery -- he doesn't have much feeling left in the scarred skin. His left eye appears larger than the right due to his eyelid being eaten by acid, and it's foggy and discolored; he's mostly blind in it, just as he's about half-blind in his left ear. The nails on his left hand are ragged and yellow, while on his left they're usually clean and trimmed even if Harvey doesn't maintain his looks much anymore. He slouches, and obviously tends toward wearing two-colored suits and other clothing, but he also likes trenchcoats. One of my favorite Two-Face's is Javier Pulido's and my interpretation tends to lean toward that (Saiz, Sale, and Lark are also favorites and given how inconsistently he's always drawn, priorities need to be made!), save for his scarred skin being red and not blue. IN THE CITY his scarring is now a little worse, and the hair on his bad side is more patchy and he has a few bald spots on that side.
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gabbie: betty and veronica. (better run better run outrun my gun)


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Electro ➨ Max Dillon is 5'11", and he's got a muscular but compact sort of build -- not super beefy, but not slender either. He has a high metabolism due to his powers so he burns fat off very quickly. He has an average sort of face; strong nose, and his jaw sort of tapers to a point for his chin. When he had hair he looked much more handsome, as it's thick and auburn and usually coiffed. Since his powers have killed off the hair follicles, he's bald (including lacking eyebrows and eyelashes), and it shows off his age much more starkly. He has a tattoo, or possibly a scar, shaped like his old mask across his face, and when he uses his powers his eyes appear pupilless. Otherwise, though, they're blue. He has a sort of unkempt feel to him even if there's nothing evident in his appearance -- at first glance -- that he doesn't take care of himself. He has very confident posture, usually standing with his feet apart and his arms crossed, or gesticulating. His chest, arms, and legs are all pretty well-toned.

His costume currently looks like this and he's usually wearing it. When not, he's usually in knee-length shorts, jeans, t-shirts or button downs, with rubber accessories like a coat, boots, or gloves. His body language doesn't reflect his age very well and he tends to strut or jut his hips out, again in very confident movements.

Andy ➨ mostly looks like his icons! Since he's season 8, specifically, he looks like this, which is worth mentioning because his hairstyle has changed a lot in 5 years and I use icons from all the seasons. He's 6' with a mostly average build; he's not in bad shape or unfit, but doesn't really work out as often as he would like (and he definitely gets self-conscious about his weight), and thus he is a little on the rounder side of slender, which tends to show mostly in his stomach/hips and his neck/jaw area -- but he's in decent shape now, with a defined (though still round) jaw and a sleeker silhouette. He's not very muscular. He's a privileged 37-year-old white boy from Connecticut money, that should describe it some.

I'll spare the appearance tl;dr in length since I don't feel like describing in detail... that first photograph... but, his clothing taste is very colorful and bizarre most of the time, but since becoming manager it leans towards a bit more "tasteful." His face and body language are very expressive; he's very reactive and his expression usually reflects his feelings, unless he's upset and in public in which case he'll usually force smiles, because he is a very optimistic and smiley guy. He tends towards restlessness in terms of doing stuff with his hands, arms, legs, etc. and has the habit of pushing his jaw down toward his neck. He's very well-groomed and takes care of his nails, skin, hair, etc on a regular basis. He has this tattoo on his ass.

Ra's al Ghul ➨ is 6'4", and looks it if not taller. He's very intimidating, but that is also in part because of how he carries himself; Ra's has incredibly good posture and is always standing straight and powerfully, and all his body language reflects a person who is confident in every movement. He's got a very muscular build and carries most of that in his upper body (chest, shoulders, arms); his legs are long and agile. He's big but again not like, Superman beefy; it's the kind of muscle that comes from martial arts, sword-fighting, and other fierce fighting styles -- he's very lithe. He has very strong cheekbones, a sharp chin, a strong nose, and a prominent forehead. Also, strong long-fingered hands. He's pretty handsome for his age! Which is 700, but he tends to look more 50s-70s, depending on how recently he has been in a Lazarus Pit.

His hair is black, white at the temples and nape, and it feathers out from his head and comes down in a sharp widow's peak. He has thick sideburns that come down from his hair and meet with his beard, which is a peculiar beard fangy goatee. His brows shadow his eyes and the eyebrows themselves are long, thick and arched -- very expressive. His eyes are green and his skin is a sort of medium darkness (he's Arabic, with Chinese descent). He wears capes (see linked images) over a variety of different sorts of outfits, sometimes dapper suits and sometimes (often) open-chested, flowy clothes or strange bodysuits. Jewelry is a sometimes thing, usually bracelets or amulets around his neck.

King Faraday ➨ is 6' tall, with white hair with a reverse-skunk-like black stripe through it. He has a powerful upper body and long fingers, good for holding cigarettes and also piloting planes. He's in his 40s and is in pretty good physical shape. His jaw is strong, his cheekbones high, and his nose is a little bit crooked, and his eyes are heavily lidded underneath (shadowy) and very strikingly blue. His eyebrows are thick, sharp, and arched, but basically he looks like he does in that linked picture. HE WEARS SUITS this paragraph is short!

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Sanji now looks like this icon for real! He turns 22 tomorrow by the way. He's about 5'10" (unless Oda announces that he grew taller during the timeskip), thin but not a skinnypants anymore, as he seems to now sport real muscles on his arms and chest. Still has not an ounce of body fat on him anywhere. He wears his blond hair slightly longer than before and rogueishly shaggy, and his goatee thicker and black. Both colors are natural somehow. His spiral eyebrows are also natural, but asymmetrical, which is why one has to always be hidden. He shows the left one, now. His eyes are dark gray/black (I diverge from fandom on that one). He has hairy legs but not a sign of anything on his chest. He's rather handsome and looks older than his years, but not by much. People mistake him for mid-late 20's all the time. He has a strong jawline but a smallish nose.

Alastair is about 6' give or take, with dark red hair and gray eyes. He needs to start going to a gym because his muscles aren't going to stay as he gets older. He's still very thin, though, product of a fast metabolism considering how much take-out he eats. He keeps his hair short (pretty much exactly like his icons) because if it gets too long it starts poofing out like it did when he was a kid. He doesn't wear midriff-exposing shirts anymore. Maybe if he starts going to the gym he'll have the abs for it again. He does have rather petite features but not anime proportions, obviously.

Geddoe is at least 6'2", broad-shouldered, thickly-muscled in the arms and chest and back from wearing armor ALL THE TIME. Very trim and fit, not that he ever shows any skin except for his face and neck. Hair is black, eyes are dark gray (I sense a trend...), he is usually clean-shaven and I headcanon that he is not all that hirsute since a mercenary who lives in the bush for weeks at a time doesn't have the opportunity to shave a lot, and yet he has no facial hair. The icons really are exactly what he looks like, high cheekbones, long nose, manly chin and jawline. Underneath the eyepatch there is nothing left of his eye, it's just a thick mass of scar tissue encompassing the eye and cutting slightly up into his eyebrow. It's rather ugly. Anyone who was with him in Greenland saw it for real, since he took the eyepatch off after being Transfigured by Tonks. He wears his leather armor most of the time and his gloves almost always, but if anyone caught him without the gloves they'd see the True Lightning Rune on his right hand, and a regular Lightning rune on the left, as very very faint symbols like extremely faded henna tattoos. In the right light you'd miss them completely.
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Terezi's icons are pretty accurate...gray skin, candy-corn horns, black hair, red eyes. No pupils. Also I think her fingernails are orange...anyway, in terms of body type, Hussie doesn't show much differentiation in the actual comic between characters, but naturally I have my own headcanon for what her body type is: short, scrawny, with plenty of hidden muscle to drub with. Oh right I guess I can go ahead and say that she's about 5'2" here...and about 90lbs. One day I will stop editing.

Oh right, and she has a lot of really sharp teeth, but I'm pretty sure I mention that in literally every tag I ever write with her :U

Stein's icons are also accurate because they're all made from anime screencaps. Heh. ANYWAY he's like six feet tall and has green eyes. I'm pretty sure that's all you can't see in his icons.

Czeslaw's icons are also accurate because 90% of them are either anime screencaps or official art! But I will elaborate anyway that he is very short and has a pretty average build, for a twelve year old. He is neither skinny nor fat.
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gently copy pastes from the last post and adds more garbage to it

Astral is described as elegant and beautiful in official sources!!! Yu-Gi-Oh! still does not lend itself well to these concepts because of stupid hair and horrible anatomy. SO HE'S...... DISGUSTINGLY PRETTY...

He's androgynous. Around 5'3" and lithe. Long neck, arms and legs are a little longer in proportion to his torso. No toes. Fingernails are long and claw-like. Green markings everywhere. He does not actually have heterochromia! His other iris is white because it's in a constant state of glowing. I think if one were to consider him realistically in the City, they would not be able to see his pupil or iris in his right eye.

His hair is stupid but actually probable... Just imagine it as a girl-hawk YES I LEGITIMATELY THOUGHT ABOUT THIS


In his human form he has Yuma's skin-tone, red hair, and yellow eyes. I BASED HIS HUMAN APPEARANCE ON YUMA'S MOM FOR SOME AWFUL REASON (to make them look like siblings okay...)
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show them your sketch of his head

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First thing you'd probably notice with Pink is that he's ridiculously tall and gawky. Like, 6'2", most of it knees and elbows, then a couple more inches of hair in top of that. He slouches, unless he's in Fascist mode or really trying to impress/intimidate. He's generally rather pale, because he doesn't get outdoors all that much anymore. (Right now, he's still sporting a bit of a tan from his recent Florida vacation.)

His eyes are hazel, and his hair is a curly brown mess that rarely ever gets properly tended to. Vaguely mullet-shaped, though it's getting about long enough, now, that he could tie it back. This doesn't mean he will, it'll just be more of a mess. His eyebrows are... well, they've grown back in? Mostly. If anyone really stared at him up waaaay close, there'd be ingrown hairs and faint scars from some really crappy razoring-off of his eyebrows, back in his canon. He also just has general face-stubble, usually. Razors are not his friends?

His hands are big and broad, with the nails clipped short since he uses a pick. There is a faint scar, about two inches long, on his right palm, from where he grabbed a windowpane with a big piece of glass still in it. His right hand is still a little stiff sometimes, when he plays for too long. He... at no point in the movie is wearing his wedding ring, and it's likely that he hasn't for a while. :(

When he was younger -- in his early twenties, before he had his first breakdown -- his hair was better kept, he smiled more, and he used eyeliner sometimes, to make his eyes look really nice and big and pretty. He doesn't bother with any of that anymore.

When he's in Fascist mode, he stands up straighter, holds himself precisely, moves and acts more confidently. He either slicks or ties his hair back, and if he goes really far, he will shave off his eyebrows again, leaving himself looking like this. Charming!
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Oh man this is something I've been thinking about for a while.

Ggio's canonly stated as being 5'4" and 106lbs (163 cm and 48 kg). I'd uh, add another 20-30 lbs to that weight. The first time he was seen in color was in the anime where there can be some discrepancies between coloring in the manga by the artist, but according to a tiny illustration of him in a spread everything matches up; he has black or very dark brown hair, amber eyes, and a gold skintone. wow that sounds flowery ahskdf

Thinking past generic-bishonen-appearance or whatever, given the nature of what he is, he appears multi-racial with strong Asian traits. I don't think he's as feminine as fandom makes him out to be?? But he's also not all that masculine so I guess he's like, androgynous leanings towards masculine idk. Probably not conventionally attractive but he stands out, though I figure what gets the most attention is that Smilodon skull. Which is actually a part of him/WAS him and cannot be removed. He has a slim build that is athletic but mostly good lord you're tiny. He also doesn't age but his hair has grown! His braid probably reaches to his butt by now and he fusses when the rest has to be trimmed.

I guess that's it...
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Ron is tall and lanky, generally. He put on some bulk as an Auror and put on some pudge as a house-husband. He has red hair, which he keeps pretty short, and all the freckles. He's got blue eyes, a long nose, and is generally a very expressive guy. Since his hair is light, he's pretty slack about shaving, and ranges from having a good scruff going to being clean-shaven. He probably wears horrible sweaters.
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Spidey's given height is 5'10", weight 165 pounds, most of it super-dense muscle. This is consistent with how he's classically drawn -- the wiry side of average, quite muscled, but with a swimmer's or runner's build. In civilian clothing which hides just how very fit he is, he blends in just fine with all the other schmucks. On the other hand, he's noticeably shorter and less bulky than most other male superheroes, even ones who aren't as strong as he is! He probably has a slight complex about it, though he'd quip it off if asked.

Peter's quite attractive in a clean-cut, All-American White Boy Next Door sort of way -- arguably as much "pretty" as he is "handsome." (Seriously, look at that icon -- and Frenz's Peter has nothing on Jae Lee or Frank Cho's takes, to say nothing of John Romita's babyface ... also let us take a moment to be thankful that Peter no longer dresses like that.) Peter doesn't think of himself as especially good-looking, though -- better side of average, maybe, but nothing to write home about. (As for why he's had such a succession of gorgeous women throwing himself at him ... well, women have strange tastes sometimes.)

His eyes are hazel, though they're usually colored as plain brown, and his hair is medium-brown, cut medium-short and lightly smoothed back except for the cowlicks that flop over his forehead no matter what he does to them. Aside from some mulletish tendencies in the 90s he hasn't changed his hairstyle since he was a little kid, if flashback art is to be believed! His face is often but not always drawn as fairly long/narrow, so that holds for my mental image of him. He has highly mobile, somewhat bushy eyebrows and a nice smile. Unsurprisingly, he doesn't tan much, even in the hottest part of summer.

I'm sure he has a few scars, but not as many or as noticeable as you'd think, thanks to his rapid healing. He has relatively little body hair because, welp, he wears full body spandex day in and day out, and has for over a decade.
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dear jae lee, please draw all the things because oh god pretty. love, kat.

also that sweater looks like a shag carpet.

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culver: chitterbee @ lj (chase.)

[personal profile] culver 2012-03-02 02:28 am (UTC)(link)
nill is about 5'4", ~100 lbs, pale skin. she has straight, straw-blonde hair that goes down to her mid-back and big blue, expressive eyes framed by straight-cut bangs. her nose and mouth are petite. she has longish limbs and slim fingers/toes (haha toes). there is, obviously, a pair of small, white-feathered wings on her back; they are too small and weak to use for flight. she looks young for her age (17) and still somewhat malnourished, but that's just because of her metabolism. she has no scars from the surgery that put the wings on her back or that took her vocal cords. she is reasonably attractive(?) but pretty much just cute.

rikku is 5'5", ~12 lbs, tanned skin. her golden-blonde hair is generally in a high ponytail framed by braids with multi-colored beads throughout and held back by a blue headband. if let down, i believe her hair would be wavy and reach her lower back. she has bright green eyes with a spiraled pupil, a button nose, and medium lips--and dimples! the rest of her is pretty stream-lined, though she's physically fit and active. she probably has a few scars on her hands/arms/legs from working with machines her whole life. she is attractive and she knows it.

scathach is 5'3", ~115 lbs, pale skin covered in freckles. while petite, everything about her is rock-hard muscle basically. she has bright, bright red hair cut in a short pixie style. jade colored eyes with cat-slit pupils, somewhat pouty lips, and a button nose. she has "stubby" fingers and toes, and toned arms. she also has elongated incisor teeth. her aura is grey and apparently unscented. when angry or just very emotional, sometimes the planes of her face become very flat and angular, too sharp for a human; at those times, her freckles look like specks of blood on her skin. she has no scars. her attractiveness is left ambiguous in canon, though josh has an immediate crush on her when he meets her--then again, he is a 15.5 year old boy, so he probably has a crush on anything with boobs.

gemma doyle is 5'6", 125 lbs (she has gained weight since being in the city and not wearing a corset), somewhat pale skin covered in freckles. her hair is red shot through with natural golden highlights, and falls free in natural curls. her eyes are bright green like her mother's, and slightly upturned at the corners. her lips aren't quite full, and her nose is straight. her waist is a bit more pronounced than a modern woman's, though it's righted itself during her time in the city. she has a 2" scar on her left side a few inches above her hip where she was stabbed while in her world. she doesn't think she's pretty (especially compared to pippa or felicity) but she probably is.
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rikku needs to eat some cheeseburgers

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